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I am beyond excited to share this newest project with you. If we have helped you in the past or you know me, you know I have focused on helping individuals fight criminal charges levied against them by the Government. What you may not know is that I have also devoted a sizable portion of my time to helping people who have been injured fight large and powerful insurance companies. 

I have fought for Clients who had a family member murdered, who were injured while operating farm equipment, were seriously injured in catastrophic car wrecks, and countless others injured in minor auto accidents. 

The part of my job that I find the most rewarding and that holds the most meaning to me, is fighting for the underdog - fighting against the bully - the opponent with seemingly unlimited resources. 

That is why I made the decision to shift a significant portion of our resources to fight the insurance companies - to fight for those who have been injured by the carelessness, recklessness, or negligence of others. 

Horsepower Lawyer came from that desire - to fight for Georgians injured by no fault of their own and my passion for cars and car culture - we understand that your car is more than a piece of metal - it’s a part of your family, it’s where some of our best memories are made, it can be art, hold sentimental value, be a collectors item, an investment, and the loss of that can be devastating - we understand the mechanics of car wrecks, skid marks, car slides, impacts, and injuries.  

While we are focusing on car wrecks and injuries caused by anything with wheels - we want to fight for all injured Georgians. 

I hope to be able to use this blog not only to promote awareness of motor vehicle safety and injury and insurance law - but I hope to use this blog to share my passion of all things wheeled - cars, trucks, motorcycles, and everything else. 

If your interested in insurance or injury law or your just a gear head like me, please follow my new page and check out or blog. 


Thank youJosh T. Teague Teague Law Kennesaw & Ellijay 706-273-1286 / 833-4-Teague